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    The new international ecological textile standard came into force in April

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    In January 2017, the international environmental Textile Association issued the latest version of the Oeko-Tex Standard100 ecological textiles testing standard and limited value requirements. After 3 months of transition, the new standard will come into force in April 1, 2017. The new standard refers to all kinds of laws and regulations in the world. By adding new substances and strictly controlling the limited value, the supervision of harmful chemicals in textiles is the most stringent in history.

    Compared with the 2016 edition, the new regulation of hazardous chemicals has been further upgraded, and 2 kinds of pesticides, 21 kinds of o-benzoic acid two formic acid and 3 organotin compounds have been controlled. "Oeko-Tex" is recognized as the authoritative ecological textile standard in the world's textile industry. The product has been known as "confidence textile". Because it is taking practical action to fully support the global brands and retailers, common laboratory "zero discharge of hazardous chemicals contracting brand organization (ZDHC)", so many large buyers in Europe and the United States will Oeko-Tex Standard 100 as technical basis for product purchasing. The eco textile market with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate has obvious market advantages. It not only sells well, but also has a 20%-30% higher price than ordinary textiles, and emphasizes that the eco safety performance of products has become the new trend of international textile trade. However, due to the fact that China has not yet completely rid itself of the fact that the middle and low end textile products are playing the leading role, we need to pay more attention to the certification of textile ecological safety, and do well in promoting and tapping the potential.

    The inspection and quarantine departments suggest that textile enterprises should keep abreast of the latest version of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 standard parameter requirements, improve production processes as soon as possible, and strengthen product ecological safety checks, so as to prepare for the rainy day and keep pace with the international pace. At the same time, we hope that our textile enterprises will actively enhance their recognition in the world through eco certification, and improve the added value and technology content of products as a prerequisite for international competition, so as to ensure the safety of China's textile products entering the international market.

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