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De Pei 10th Anniversary

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De Pei 10th Anniversary



De Pei held its 10th Anniversary celebration at Shangri-La Hotel on 30th July, 2016. The atmosphere was perfect, and there are a lot of friends and guests gathered.

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At the beginning, we watched the video De Pei10 Years, and we had a review on our hard works in the past ten years. These years, De Pei kept up with the time, grasp developing opportunities and actively widen our business. We tried our best to make the company stronger. At last, we had better business performance, management level. Our brand strategy had numerous achievements. And we have gained a lot in corporate culture.


In the past ten years, we stand together through storms and stress; in the past ten years, we push forward with cooperation; in the past ten years, we turn our setbacks into fortune, and never forget it. I must say, the most indispensible thing in the past ten years, is your companionship.


Vice President Lis passionate reward makes everyones blood boils and wins everyones applause.


Then, President Cai Decai warmly invited the shareholders to start the ceremony together.


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